Day Oasis

Day Oasis Cancellation Policy/Fees

Cancellation Policy

A credit card will hold your massage appointment that is 2 hours long or for double massages with a combination of two hours,(Example two friends drive together and book 1 hour each, which blocks 2 hours) If there is no cancellation of 24 hrs prior there will be a $25 fee per appointment.

You must notify Kris at Day Oasis thru phone call, text or email of a cancellation 24 hours before appointment or appointments or you will be charged a $25 fee.  If you had a prepaid coupon, prepaid massage or certificate, and become a no show for your booked appointment or no 24 hour cancellation, upon your next booking, you will be asked before starting massage to pay for the fee of $25 per each missed appointment prior to the start.

Day oasis does not like to have any of these policies, but unfortunetly in the past years has experienced a high volume of no shows, sometimes two to three in a row, which leaves me no room to allow others their times.


Sometimes due to strange or urgent circumstances I will be asked to come in earlier or stay later than my normal opening or closing hours. If this is something we both agree upon, I charge a additional fee of $10 per appointment booked that starts before 10 am or running after 7pm.