Day Oasis

Cancellation Policy /holding and appointment - A credit card will hold your massage appointment that is 2 hours or longer or for double massages with a combination of two hours,(Example two friends drive together and book 1 hour each, which blocks 2 hours)

You must notify Kris at Day Oasis of a cancellation 24 hours before appointment or appointments or you will be charged a $25 fee.

Appointments booked before 10 am or after 7pm Mon-Fri and before10 am or after 5 on Sat will be charged and extra $10.




Foot/Reflexology $50 60 Min.

Foot massage will include a foot soak/scrub with reflexology, penetrating into each muscle, stimulating your sensations and balancing the zones.

Warm Stone  $110 90 Min.

This massage offers the soothing touch from the weight of a warm basalt stones as they glide across your body.

Deep Tissue can be incorporated$160 2 Hr

This price is for the stones and Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue $701 Hour   Sale $80 90 Min.

Penetrating deep into the muscle groups can work out knots and lactic acid. You can ask for the combo massage which works the well needed areas deep then back to a swedish for sense of calmness.                                 

Swedish Massage Sale $371 Hour  $80​90 Min

One per person, but may purchase additional as gifts

Sale Price For The Christmas Season Ends 12/31/18

Soothing massage for circulation, upper level of muscle.

This massage is designed to put you into a euphoric mode, deep sense of relaxation, or can you send you into a gentle sleep.

Prenatal Massage Sale $50 ​                                                          1 Hour

Prenatal Massages are only given starting in your second trimester. I ask that you tell your Dr that you are wanting to receive a massage and have this permission before your session. Your massage will be gentle stretching along with firm to soothing massage stokes.Take baby bonding to a new level! 

Aromatherapy Massage  $80 ​70 Min.

Aromatherapy session will include essential oils to give energy,calmness and or provide you with oils for a sports massage. Variations of oils will apply to each individual. I use a technique to brush dry skin to open up the pores so the essential oils can be received                    $80


Gift Certificates

            Out Calls are Now Available

     Prices are additional $10 perperson

*Call ahead to see if i will travel your location